As your neighborhood brewery, we strive to produce fresh, innovative and adventurous beers. We aspire to embrace the local history and culture of Baltimore in each beverage that we produce. Our goal is to use local, carefully raised ingredients in our artful creations. Mobtown Brewing is a collaboration of friends that want to invite our customers into the passion we have to produce the best beer.

Baltimore has a long tradition of brewing beer and from 1872 to 1978; Brewers Hill was home to the National and Gunther Brewing Companies.  The founders of Mobtown Brewing Company wanted to bring that tradition back to this community. Our brewers have developed their skills right here in East Baltimore and, being locals ourselves, we want to share what we create with the city that inspires us.





We don't mind breaking the rules and exploring new ways to create great beer. At Mobtown you're not going to see the same beers on tap all the time. We hope to have something new for you each and every time you visit... or at least on a fairly regular basis! But hey, we've all got our faves, so there'll always be are a few familiar go to beers on tap for when you don't feel like exploring!

Here is what is on tap. We can't wait to share them with you!




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