Dave Carpenter

Dave is a Baltimore local and has been brewing beer for the past 15 years. He is a licensed professional engineer, but recently quit his job to pursue his dream. Dave completed the Master Brewers Program at UC Davis in California and is excited to bring new talents & skills to Mobtown Brewing Company in his passionate pursuit to make excellent beer for the people!

Noah Chadwick

Noah is an environmental scientist who aspires to support a sustainable, local brewery.  His experience with construction and contract management makes him our go-to problem solver. Noah lived in Baltimore City for 9 years and he is eager to get back in touch with this community. His ingenuity and ability to overcome obstacles will undoubtedly assist this brewery in producing some of the finest beer in Baltimore.   

Darren Stimpfle

By trade, Darren is a licensed surgical Physician Assistant, but the passion for his hobby has turned him into an accomplished local homebrewer. He has spent the last 7 years home brewing and it has slowly turned into an obsession for him. His background in microbiology has fostered his interest in creating complex sour and Belgian style beers. Darren learned to brew while living in Brewers Hill, and finds it only appropriate to return the favor.